Class 2 National Insurance


What is Class 2 National Insurance ?

This is our Class 2 National Insurance Guide


Self-Employed people normally have to pay Class 2 NI contributions.

Class 2 NI is part of Self Assessment and is paid with Income Tax and Class 4 NI.

For the tax year 2018/19 (6/4/18 to 5/4/19) the Class 2 NI is a single payment £153.40 for the year. However, if your earnings are below £6,205 per year (see below) you might not need to pay. Class 2 does not vary with profit.

Class 2 NI is not a business expense so is not allowed as an expense against Income Tax.

In certain circumstances you may be exempt.

HMRC had planned to abolish Class 2 contributions from 6 April 2019, but these plans have been postponed.


Class 2 NI Small Profits Threshold (SPT)

If your business profits are below £6,205 per year (2018/19) you might not need to pay Class 2 NI.


First Year as Self Employed

Class 2 NI is calculated on a weekly basis. So if you started your practice after qualifying in 2018, you would only need to pay Class 2 NI for the period from the start of the practice to 5/4/19 calculated at £2.95 per week.


Class 4 National Insurance

Self-employed people may also need to pay Class 4 National Insurance, which is calculated as a percentage of business profits.


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