Osteopath Accountants: Accounting and Tax Services for UK Osteopaths

If you started as a Self Employed healthcare practitioner between 6th April 2023 and 5th April 2024, you will need to register the business with HMRC and will need to file a Self Assessment tax return online by 31st January 2025. We can do this for you and make sure that you claim the correct expenses.

Class of 2023: Congratulations!

Congratulations on qualifying as an Osteopath.

We are here to help you through the accounts and tax maze.

We can register you for Self Assessment with HMRC and send you a free spreadsheet for your bookkeeping records. After 5th April 2024 we will file your Tax Return for you.

Please call for a 10 minute chat.

Class of 2024: Welcome!

Are you ready for being Self Employed?

If you start Self Employment between 6th April 2024 and 5th April 2025, your first Self Assessment Tax Return for tax year 2024/25 should be filed online with HMRC by 31st January 2026.

We can help you pull your bookkeeping records together using our free spreadsheet, and file your Self Assessment Tax Return for you with HMRC.

Please call for a 10 minute chat.

As Osteopathy Accountants, we provide a full range of Accounting and Tax Services to UK Osteopaths.

Our services are for sole practitioners, locum, associate and contracting Osteopaths.

accountants for physiotherapists - woman with calculatorWe welcome newly qualified practitioners and offer guidance through the important early days of setting up the business.

We know that Osteopaths need to look after their patients, and run their small business, so we are here to help.

As an Osteopath your business will be on a Self Employed basis or through a Limited Company.

Our services cover both of these, and if you are just starting practising we can help you decide which is best for you.

Self Employment Information

As Osteopath Accountants, we will prepare your accounts and file your Self Assessment Tax Return with HMRC.

Our fees for the preparation and filing of Accounts and Tax Returns are from £40.00 per month, for 12 months, concurrent with the tax year, so May to the following April.

Discount is available practitioners who are newly qualified or new to practice.

Fees may vary if your income is more complex, eg. investments and property letting.

We offer a free spreadsheet for your bookkeeping.

In the UK, a Self Employed Osteopath is classified as a Sole Trader  and files Accounts and Tax Returns to HMRC by Self Assessment We will file these for you.

Income Tax is paid on the business profits, and usually also you will be required to pay Class 2 National Insurance and Class 4 National Insurance.

For Self Employed people there is no legal distinction between the owner of the business and the business itself. A Self Employed person is not an employee of the business.

Self Employed people are entitled to keep the profits of the business, after paying any Tax and National Insurance, but a Self Employed person has unlimited liability for the debts of the business.

The potential taxes include:

Please note also that Self Employed people pay Student Loan repayments through the Self Assessment Tax Return process.

The HMRC Tax Payments On Account will also usually apply to healthcare practitioners.

Limited Company Information

The differences between being Self Employed/Sole Trader and a Limited Company are explained on our established website. Please take the links below.

If you are recently qualified, or currently registered as Self Employed, and are considering whether you should practice as a Limited Company, please see our guide Sole Trader or Limited Company ? which explains many of the differences between them.

We are able to supply direct tax comparisons based on your projected profit.

As Osteopath Accountants, we can form a Limited Company for you, and complete the registrations with Companies House and HMRC. This is subject to the condition of an annual monthly fee contract to include Accounts & Tax filing, PAYE and Self Assessment.

We will also supply you with our free spreadsheet to record your fees and expenses, which produces a Profit & Loss Account and Trial Balance and a running estimate of Corporation Tax payable.

We also provide bookkeeping training and support.

During the year we will process your salary and dividend payments, and at the Year End we will file your company accounts and tax, and your personal Self Assessment.

accountants for personal trainers - Hand pointing on modern digital tablet pc at the workplace.Our main website includes information on:

Limited Company Formation
Limited Company Accounts
Corporation Tax
Self Assessment
Income Tax
PAYE Guide and Payroll Service & Software Options