Limited Companies

Accounting and Tax service for
Healthcare Professionals

We provide a full accounting and tax service to health professionals practising through a limited company.

Please use these links to our main business website:

Limited Companies Guide

The guide includes information on Directors, Shareholders, and being paid from your limited company.

We have a webpage on the difference between limited companies and being self employed.

Our website also has information on accounting and bookkeeping.

We provide a free spreasheet for your business records, or for more complex requirements we support QuickBooks Online and FreeAgent.


Accounting Fees

Associates and Locums

Our fees for healthcare practitioners operating through limited companies, to various clinics broadly on an associate or locum basis, are £80 per month, and includes:

  • Preparing and filing annual accounts with HMRC and Companies House
  • Tax planning
  • Monthly payroll
  • Preparing and filing personal Self Assessment with HMRC
  • Supply of free bookkeeping spreadsheet


Our fees for healthcare practitioners operating through limited companies, and who run their own clinic, will depend upon the clinic size, including staff and associate numbers.

If there are no other staff or practitioners, then the fee estimate would be £120 per month plus bookkeeping support.


Why are accounting fees for limited companies more expensive?

In addition to a Profit and Loss Account (Income and Expenses), which is required for Self Employed people, limited companies also need to prepare a Balance Sheet (Assets and Liabilities) which must be filed on public record at Companies House.

This makes bookkeeping for limited companies more complex, because it is necessary to record not only the Income and Expenses, but also how and when everything was paid for eg. which bank account / credit card / cash etc.

Tax strategy is also more complicated for limited companies because the business owner (Shareholder) will also be an Director/Employee and usually will be paid a combination of dividend and salary.